vSphere 5.5 Upgrade – Ready, Aim, Fire!

I was hoping to have my DFW VMUG User Conference Download article finished today but I am waiting on my slide decks to put the final pieces together. So look for that article in the next few days, spoiler alert: the User Conference was awesome!

I want to upgrade vSphere 5.5 all night long!

Tonight we will be upgrading our vCenter environment to 5.5. As our team was going through our checklist I ran across some good tidbits of information, a lot of which came from my previous post. The two biggest items so far have been the which order to upgrade the components and to make sure there would be any hiccups during the upgrade. The component upgrade process we are going to follow is based on KB Article 2057795. Here is the upgrade order I plan to take:

5.5 Upgrade

So far we are aware of one issue going into the upgrade, there is a Single Sign-On issue related to AD authentication when running SSO on Windows 2012, you can find the reference here. I’m glad we caught this because we were planning to migrate our vCenter server onto 2012. There is a fix, but will wait to do the OS upgrade for another night.

I will be following up with my notes on how the upgrade process went.

Wish me luck!


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