VCP6-DT Exam Review

It has been quite some time since my last post, ironically my last post being about the announcement of the VCP6-DT exam, well I am back to post my opinion about the exam and the steps that I took to study.

Please note: I am not disclosing any information about questions or answers about the exam, all of the information that I will be describing can be found as part of the Exam Blueprint for this exam.

For the past several months I have been conducting a lot of upgrades to Horizon View 6.X for customers, but what I don’t get a lot of time playing with is the Suite based features that Horizon View now includes like Mirage, Workspace and vCenter Operations Manager for View (now called vRealize for View). Workspace specifically has come a long way from its 1.0 iteration to being a simple deployment model that can be spun up in less than 2 hrs. (Believe me, I’ve done it several times now!) All this being said I narrowed my focus on studying for this exam with some of the areas that I don’t play with a lot on a daily basis.

By default, I followed the Exam Blueprint to a “T” because anything that could be considered a question will be covered in this document. I recommend anyone that has a home lab or access to some additional equipment to build up a full instance of vCenter, Horizon View Desktop, Mirage, Workspace and vRealize for View. There are reviewers guides and documentation that will enable you to simulate production scenarios in your lab, I’ve included some below:

The official exam is the VCPD610, VMware Certified Professional – Desktop. The exam consists of 120 questions with a time limit of 120 minutes, with a pre-exam survey of 10 questions that doesn’t count towards your exam time. The typical License Agreements and Legal blah blah is there as well. Scoring for the exam is weighted on a mathematical formula and you can range from receiving a 100-500 on the exam with a passing score of 300.

I felt that the amount of information that could be tested for this exam was pretty large so I felt the 120 question format was appropriate. I thought that flow of the exam and quality of questions was on par for a VCP level exam. I was quite please with the amount of studying and preparation that I did for this exam. I passed the exam and can now add VMware Certified Professional Desktop to my resume.