Error 0xc0000715 – The Application was unable to start correctly

If you found this article, you might have exhausted your Google-Fu options related to this error. While this is a generic installation error and all Microsoft related articles will tell you that a reinstall via ODT is needed, this might not be true if you match a similar scenario a client of mine had.

Client was leveraging Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (v2 – Spring Edition) and FSLogix for profile containers via Azure Files (I haven’t reproduced it yet but I’m assuming that profiles stored within a File Server would create this same issue). Symlinks were also being utilized which brought a unique scenario.

Reviewing their Group Policy settings related to FSLogix, I noticed a mismatch on the Search Roaming and Search Database values. We verified the Symlink Settings to ensure the Windows 10 Default Local Link to Local Target was enabled as this can cause issues for Office installations.

You can find these settings here:

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > FSLogix > Enable Search Roaming

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > FSLogix > Profile Containers > Store search database in profile container

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > Filesystem > Selectively allow the evaluation of a symbolic link

It is reccomended by Microsoft that these policies be Disabled or Not Configured if you are using Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-Session OS Image as this feature is built into the Operating System.

A simple gpupdate /force and the Host Pool was happy once again.

Hopefully this helps someone out there, thought it was a funny misconfiguration that we stumbled across reviewing some recent changes to their Group Policies.