A New Chapter in My Career…


Today is a new chapter in my career. Yesterday was my last day as Technology Manager for Rogers-O’Brien Construction, over the past 3 years I learned a ton of information about IT, virtualization, management and even some cool construction techniques. It was at RO where I found my passion for virtualization and got the support both inside and outside the company through associations like the AGC IT Group and the DFW VMUG.

I am excited to say that I am going to work for an up and coming converged virtualization hardware platform and services company called HVE Connexions as a Sr. Virtualization Engineer. As many have told me already, I am moving to the dark side! Once I get back from VMworld – San Francisco I will be dedicating more time to my blog, it’s been hard finding time to write articles these past few months, and contributing more articles about VDI, virtualization as a whole and even some new stuff that you might hear about in a few weeks…..I wonder what it could be!

Stay tuned for more!


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