Besides being generally obsessed with anything VMware, I have grown to love and appreciate Thin Apps. Part of my job is to make our Gold Images as efficient as possible so we deploy ThinApps where they are needed, it reduces the footprint of our Replicas and allows us to dynamically issue/revoke certain applications to a certain Pool. This becomes really handy when our Marketing Dept needs to do a training on their new CRM software, a couple of clicks and boom!

There is a great list of successful ThinApps on the ThinApp Community Page.

Here is a list of VMware ThinApps that we have deployed, including the recipes to build them:

  • Autodesk Design Review 2013
  • Autodesk DWG Truview 2014
  • Autodesk Navisworks Freedom 2014
  • Bluebeam 11 Vu
  • Google Chrome
  • Malwarebytes
  • Microsoft Office 2010/2013
  • VMware View Client for Windows
  • VMware vSphere Client
  • and more coming!

What is ThinApp?